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15 September 2008 @ 06:42 pm
Clow Cards Set  
This is for my future Clow Card Set

The ArrowThe BigThe BubblesThe ChangeThe Cloud
The CreateThe DarkThe DashThe DreamThe Earthy
The EraseThe FightThe FireyThe FloatThe Flower
The FlyThe FreezeThe GlowThe Hope/NothingThe Illusion
The JumpThe LibraThe LightThe LittleThe Lock
The LoopThe MazeThe MirrorThe MistThe Move
The PowerThe RainThe ReturnThe SandThe Shadow
The ShieldThe SlientThe SleepThe SnowThe Song
The StormThe SweetThe SwordThe ThroughThe Thunder
The TimeThe TwinThe VoiceThe WateryThe Wave
The WindyThe Wood   

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