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21 September 2008 @ 03:38 pm
Black Sparrow and The Lily Pond  

I got bored so I decide to post pictures that I just completed coloring........

Yeah! A Domeki and Watanuki one! I love this pairing!! Actually, I love all CLAMP pairing... I decided to color Domeki and Watanuki a little different than I usually do. The rest is my usual coloring (you can see it's only the background.....AKA I got bored). Now I have to complete 1 xxxholic, and 2 tsubasa pieces that is currently incomplete.


Here's my xxxholic. Been working on it for a while but have been keeping it off (For the Fai pic and the Sugar Plum Fairy one). Nice to have it all done.....hm......should I do Himawari next?


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